Need some water conservation ideas?

We can provide you a way of refreshing your water feature in your home or business and still save water. The traditional water feature, be it a concrete statue or granite feature has usually required an open pond to function. This has usually meant a shallow pond that can heat up in the summer months and algae can appear. It also means due to evaporation your water feature needs frequent refilling.

We can provide a better soloution by using a galvanised or enclosed plastic grate. This provides a way to add a concealed reservoir and the grate can be covered with pebbles making it look beautiful while retaining the amount of water needed for your water feature to flow perfectly. This means less water use and less water consumption, therefore less maintenance and care is required.


We have a wide selection of ponds available. Please send us an enquiry if you are looking for a specific type or size.

CPP (P12)

$260.00 + GST

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