Waterlilly - Now Supplying Revolutionary Domus Lighting

Image Waterlilly is proud to announce itself as a new supplier of revolutionary LED Domus Lighting.

Domus offers an extensive range of LED products, including crystal chandeliers, which will be integral to our design and installation service, and part of Waterlilly's committment to providing highest quality products and services at the best prices.

To find out more about the Domus Range, click here

Waterlilly Party

These photos are from an event we had in our concept showroom, thanking our clients for their business.




Australia's launch for Aquascape TM!

Image We are very excited to launch Aquascape TM in Australia. This innovative approach to water features has been extremely successful in North America and Canada.

The Aquascape TM system allows the customer to create a water feature to their exact requirements in shape and size. Water features can range in dimension from a small residential features to massive public displays!

Aquascape TM is a capsule that contains an impervious liner, all pipe work and reservoir. From there you select your own feature's unique shape and height. Then you are able to select the rocks both real and artificial, and it's construction. The accent of flora makes the image complete.

Truly the water feature of your dreams!

Waterlilly Lights Up with ME Lighting's LED Revolution

Image ME Lighting and Waterlilly design and install creative lighting solutions for outdoor living. Our new generation LED lighting is extremely versatile and can be used to provide many new and innovative solutions for garden and landscape lighting. We have a wide range of LED lights to suit all your garden and landscape lighting needs.

ME Lighting and Waterlilly are happy to help you design your garden and landscape lighting. Our experienced lighting designers can advise you on the many different ways to light your water features, paths, artwork, trees, plants, decks, stairs...

If you have a plan of your garden or just a vision of how you would like it to be, we are happy to give you advice on a garden and lighting scheme to meet all your needs and one that allows you to enjoy your outdoor and indoor living environment.

Why So Many People Are Making the Switch

LED lighting is revolutionary for several reasons, but most importantly, because the savings come back to you.

LED lighting can reduce your electricity bill by up to 90%; is bright and available in several colours, sizes, and strengths; remains always cool; is kid-proof, pet-proof, and most importantly, user-friendly.

With so many reasons to switch to LED lighting, from the savings to the design to the environmentally-friendly advantage, it is no wonder that so many Australians are making the switch.

To find out more about the new revolution in lighting, please visit our showroom in Waterloo.

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