Moondani Glass

Image Feature walls, murals, signage, bathrooms, artworks - textured glass can be used to great advantage in all these applications and more.

Moondani have developed a range of popular textures. However, they don't rest on their laurels; they are constantly developing new patterns, colours, and designs. It is their intention to work with clients in collaboration with Waterlilly to achieve a unique, high quality product of which all parties are justifiably proud.

To texture, they place float glass on to moulds created in order to impart the required design. The glass is then kiln fired on the mould, in accordance with individually determined firing schedules. When the glass panel has cooled and is removed from the kiln, one side remains smooth but undulating, while the side which was in contact with the surface of the mould has a textured finish.

Textured glass will have a better shading capacity than normal flat glass and will, therefore, allow for a softer, less intense light to pass through.

By incorporating specialty coloured glasses into textural panels, they can produce an endless variety, both in terms of vibrancy of colour and intricacy of design. With the use of these products, clients are discovering a huge scope to explore creativity in an architectural framework.

Fine, randomly occurring expansion and contraction markings and background stipple texture are inherent in the texturing process. These markings are indicative of the handmade nature of the product.

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